Fighting Spirit – Alex Cousland

Alex Cousland – Fighting Spirit front cover


Fighting Spirit, Alex Cousland

Alex, a 6th Dan at Zanshin Kai, has just completed his book, ”Fighting Spirit”, with proceeds going to charity.  It gives a brief insight into his life, his continuing fight with cancer & his love for the martial arts (so far he has achieved – 6th Dan Karate – 3rd Dan Iaido (sword) – 2nd Dan Jodo (staff) – 2nd Dan Aikido & has been practising Tai Chi for over twenty years too).

For such a short book, it covers a full life – 77 years.   Alex has written about getting through his illness in the hope of helping other sufferers.  It is an insightful, touching, humorous, & inspiring read.  If anyone would like to buy a copy & help raise some funds for “C.H.A.S. – Robin House Children’s Hospice, Balloch” (£6.99 incl p&p) please