Naihanchi and Tekki Beyond Styles

It’s interesting to see the same Kata in different styles, and see what s different, or rather how similar they are.  The following is lifted from a discussion on here

“Based on my very limited observation; an example of high variation in the kata is the point just after the second series of leg cross-overs (at 14 seconds on the Funakoshi video). It appears that all the styles vary at that point (except Shotokan and Kyokushin – which is not surprising).

The variety as I see it is as follows ( apologies, I am not being pejorative with the terms “block” and “strike” etc,  just using the name to aid the description of the form rather than function):

  • Downward block with elbow strike followed by back-fist
  • Simultaneous downward block with inside-outside block
  • Simultaneous downward block with raised elbow block followed by simultaneous pressing block and head punch.

This degree of variation suggests to me that over time this part of the form has evolved as different teachers have changed the form to fit the function they believe it demonstrates. which then has become stylised or codified in dogma and tradition as later generations of students have tried to match the form (rather than function) of their masters etc.”

Choshin Chibana – Naihanchi Shodan – Shorin-Ryu


Hironori Otsuka – Naihanchi – Wado-Ryu


Gichin Funakoshi – Tekki Shodan – Shotokan


Tatsuo Shimabukuro – Naihanchi – Isshin-Ryu


Matsutatsu Oyama – Tekki Shodan – Kyokushinkai


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