Karate Throws and Grapples

In retort the previous article showing common ‘Karate’ techniques in Judo, it’s interesting to note how many techniques in karate kata that are nothing to do with striking, and the principles of which we can find across many other martial arts.  Like Boxing where one of the first recorded boxing match included 3 rounds of Sword fighting, fist fighting (including grapples and throws) and stick fighting most martial arts have specialised into modern-day accepted sporting rules.  However where boxing has lost many of those early techniques, Karate and most eastern martial arts have contained these techniques within Kata, so even where sporting rules have taken over most of the confrontations practiced, we can still see the recipes the earlier masters used to demonstrate effective fighting techniques.

When Funakoshi published his first two books in 1922 and 1925 he included a number of throws and locks.  Our very own Alex Cousland demonstrated the common princples he has seen across many martial arts as part of his 6th Dan karate grading which you can watch on our you tube channel

A quick scan of youtube.com also shows clearly techniques some areas would associate with Judo and other grappling/wrestling sports being practised from Karate Kata


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