What Traditional Martial Artists can learn from MMA

This months podcast from Iain Abernethy

This month we discuss what traditional martial artists can learn from MMA! While it is increasingly common to see MMA and TMA (traditional marital arts) as rival approaches, it is my view that many of the practises and the general thinking found in MMA are of great value to the traditionalist and will actually help them maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of their art.

The irony is that much of MMA’s thinking with regards to live testing, innovation, measuring by effect, etc is in line with the views expressed by the karate masters of the past, even if it is at variance with “modern day traditionalists”! We discuss this irony and also briefly look at what MMA could learn from traditional martial arts. Finally, we look at the common ground and I suggest that best practise is best practise regardless of where it originates.

The second section of the podcast is the Question and Answer section where I give my thinking on the following topics: How to develop speed and the relationship between speed and power; the recording of the non-physical aspects of self-protection in kata; what I think of practising “block, kick, punch” bunkai alongside practical bunkai; combining practical and competitive karate in training; teaching wider self-protection skills in martial arts dojos; overtraining and how to avoid it; and the difference between recreational and “professional” martial artists.

As has been the trend in recent months, this is the longest podcast we have ever done (a huge 72 minutes!). I hope you find the podcast enjoyable, informative, entertaining and thought provoking. Thank you for your support of what we do and we’ll be back with more soon! Enjoy!


One response to “What Traditional Martial Artists can learn from MMA

  1. We should all try to have an open mind too all martial arts as they all have their own thing and blend into each other somewhere along the way and the priciples are all basically the same tradional or otherwise.

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