Sensei Gidley 8th Dan course 7th May

On the 7th of May Sensei Gidley will be taking a course at Kirkintilloch Leisure Centre. The course will be £15 per person and is open to adults and children green belt or higher. For additional details contact Kenny direct or email

Born 15th September 1938 in Manchester, Charles Gidley began his training in karate in 1963 in Wado-ryu although he had been boxing since the age of 7.

He became an active member of the Karate Union of Great Britain and stayed with them for 22 years, having joined as a founding member in 1966. He left to form his own association in 1988, the British Shotokan Kyogi International. During his period with the KUGB although he fought at association level, he has produced members of the KUGB National Squads both junior and senior, a tradition which he has continued within his own association since leaving.

A former student of Sensei Sherry and Sensei Enoeda, he was graded to 6th Dan by Sensei Yoshikazu Sumi, and his 7th Dan from Sensei Keigo Abe. He is a fellow of the International Shotokan-ryu Karate-do Shihankai who awarded him the shogo (title) kyoshi for his efforts and input in the style of Shotokan karate.

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