Sensei Gidley course and Shodan grading

On Sunday 7th May Charles Gidley 8th Dan came to Kirkintilloch to do a course & grading.  The course focused on application and practical drills for Uchi uke, Soto uke, Mawashi uke and bunkai from Jitte Kata.  After the course 3 young talented Karate from Bai Sho in Lennoxtown took and passed their shodan examination.  Well done !

Thanks go to Sensei Gidley for an enjoyable day and look forward to the next time he’s up. Here’s a few pictures from the day.

Course attendees

Grading pictures

Shodan Grading - Kihon

Mai geri, Yoko geri, Ushiro geri !

Sensei Loney proud of his students !

Presentation of Black Belt & Certificate

Sensei Gidley and Davis with new Shodans

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