The Kissaki Method: Vol 1 Presented by Don Came

The Kissaki Method: Kissaki-Kai is karate returned to its practical and functional roots. It was founded by Vince Morris, 8th dan, in 1993 at the behest of senior black belt students who had become disillusioned with what the “traditional” karate schools had to offer in terms of “real” fighting techniques. It is less a style but more a series of principles guided by Sensei Morris’ “Rules of Combat”, a groundbreaking analysis of strategies derived from many real world conflicts. Here, UK Chief Instructor Don Came, presents a series of drills following these Rules that you can apply to your own teaching or training, which can also help you unlock the hidden applications of the kata or forms within your own system. Contents include: Flow drills + defences against a series of common methods of assault, including straight and hook punches, combination punches, headbutts, and various grabs seen as a precursor to a strike… all practised from realistic ranges! These can be used to enhance your own lesson plans and be incorporated into any martial system.

This interesting DVD can be bought here on Amazon

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