Gary O’Brien: first boxing match

Well done to Zanshin Kai 1st Dan Gary O’Brien for competing in his first Boxing match in. Perth last weekend.  The following is the post fight report

Bout 8: John “Cruel Intentions” Stevens (SK Boxing Promotions) Won KO 1 Gary O’Brien (Griphouse) This Heavyweight encounter saw Stevens coming off the back of a winning ring debut in April and Thai boxer O’Brien making his boxing debut. O’Brien looked to move around the ring and land with long scoring punches while Stevens looked to close down the range and work on the inside. After catching O’Brien with a strong right hand Stevens was looking to load up with this shot. After trapping O’Brien on the ropes near his own corner Stevens got through with a big right and which dropped O’Brien. O’Brien made it to his feet but was in no position to continue. The fight was stopped and Stevens claimed his second stoppage victory in as many contests.


One response to “Gary O’Brien: first boxing match

  1. Hi Gary put this one down to experience and knowing you will have learned something from it for your future fights. Being in the ring in the first place takes a lot of bottle and I know that you will do well in the future.
    Take care Alex

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