Visualisation Training (podcast)

Iain Abernethy’s June Podcast: Visualisation Training

Can be listened/downloaded from the above website or downloaded from itunes

“In this month’s podcast I want to discuss my personal take on visualisation training. Visualisation training is where we mentally rehearse a given task or scenario in order to help us prepare for that task or scenario.

I’ve made use of visualisation over the years and I’ve found it to be very useful. It can be a great supplement to physical training and can help develop skill, improve performance, boost confidence and help give you a positive self-image. It can help you rehearse so you are well prepared for any task you are undertaking. It also has uses in our everyday lives outside of the martial arts too.

Visualisation can be done anywhere and with no equipment. You can train as a passenger in a car, while sitting at your desk, on a plane, before you go to sleep at night, before you get out of bed in the morning, when injured, when tired, when ill, and so on.

In this podcast I explain what visualisation is, how I personally practise it, how to ensure it is effective and some of the more common problems you may come across.”

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