Practical Applications for the Kata Jion by Rakesh Patel

Rakesh Patel is ranked 5th Dan in Shotokan Karate with NAKMAS and The British Combat Association.  Rakesh also holds an Instructor qualification awarded by Iain Abernethy for the instruction of Bunkai and the practical application of Karate.  Rakesh approaches his Kata practice from two perspectives:

Kata Combat

Kata Combat is primarily concerned with the effective application of the techniques and principles found within the mainstream Karate Kata.  Rakesh actively studies the many Karate Kata and forms found within the traditional martial arts.  By studying the techniques and applications, combat principles are discovered and used to test the movements alongside core fighting motions in live drills.

Kata Competence

Kata Competence is concerned purely with the practise of solo Karate kata where the emphasis is on correct form and all the elements that constitute Kata excellence. In some ways this approach contrasts that of Kata Combat, but serves as a precursor to understanding the principles upon which the kata techniques and movements are based.

As part ot Rakesh’s 5th Dan grading he wrote a paper called Practical Applications for the Kata Jion by Rakesh Patel containing 24 odd pages of bunkai from Jion.  This can be downloaded for free at the latter hyperlink, and contains some interesting ideas & breakdowns.

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