Counter Assault: Surviving Attacks

Counter Assault: Surviving Attacks by Rory Miller

Talking to a friend in a public place, her eyes suddenly focused over my shoulder and went wide. I turned fast, elbow up, spinning and drop-stepping towards the Threat. Didn’t feel the solid contact of a head, but felt an arm brush away and continued. The drop-step placed me behind the Threat and one hand came up to grab the face and control the spine, the other found a bendable wrist.

And I stopped. A friend playing a trick. Sigh.

Avoidance and de-escalation failed or you never had a chance to use them. You have been attacked. Something just broke over the back of your head or someone has grabbed your hair and yanked you towards a closet. What should you do?

What you need must be fast, effective, uncomplicated, work on most things without modification, easy to train and you must be able to follow it up. Sound simple? Then, after you’ve got it you must train it to reflex speed….. Continue reading the article here


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