Important announcement – date for your diary

A message from Ken Davis, Head Instructor Zanshin Kai Scotland

I am pleased to announce that we are hosting the 2012 Scottish Karate Alliance Championships on Sunday 29 April at Kirkintilloch Sports Centre.

This is a reflection of the positive reputation our karate club has both in Scotland and in the rest of the UK.

This is a great opportunity for all Zanshin Kai Scotland students to compete in a karate competition at national level in their local community.

Therefore I am inviting all interested students from white belt and above to compete.

There will be both kata and kumite events for all levels, although I do not recommend that students under 8 years of age participate in the kumite.

All students, and their parents for those under 16 years of age, should notify their Sensei if interested. I would encourage all students to participate in this opportunity.

From January 2012 a special class will be run monthly leading up to the competition. These classes will cover everything a competitor needs to know and will be supported by seniors students who already participate in competitions.

The classes will run from 11am to 12 midday on the following Saturdays;

  •                       28 January
  •                       25 February
  •                       24 March
  •                       21 April

at a cost of £3 per class.  Attendance at these classes is compulsory for those wanting to compete.

If you wish to compete please click on this link for a PDF form, print, fill out and return to your Sensei by Friday 17 February 2012.

A public event is also listed on facebook here.

Wishing you all a happy 2012.

Shihan Ken Davis, 7th Dan

One response to “Important announcement – date for your diary

  1. Kenny, I’m sure Luca would be interested in the kata. I’m tentatively interested in the kumite but I’m worried about someone half my age breaking my ribs and knocking my teeth out. I saw the Asian Games arm break incident


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