Steve Arniel – Kyokushin Legend

This interview was conducted in the year 2000…

I have known of Steve Arniel since the 1960’s and personally for some years.  I have attended the Kyokushinkai tournaments since the beginning, many of them as a V.I.P guest and had the honour of awarding Steve the “man of the year” award for “Traditional Karate” magazine at one of those tournaments.

Steve is one of the most senior, if not the most senior Karateka in Great Britain.  He holds the prestigious grade of 8th Dan and the respected title of Hanshi.  He has held the respect and loyalty of those close to him for many years and despite the politics still holds the greatest respect and love for his mentor, Sosai Mas Oyama.

My respect for Steve lies in the fact that at 65years of age he still teaches regular classes to beginners and senior grades alike, he still travels the world teaching courses and remains one of the most genial, likeable people that I have ever met in my life, let alone in the Martial Arts.

Because of our friendship I feel that the following interview reveals many never before published facts about Steve and his struggle to learn Kyokushin in Japan from it’s founder Mas Oyama.  Steve also allowed me trawl through his private photograph collection and select some of the most intimate photographs from those days.

I think that all readers will enjoy Steve’s story documented here in his own words in a way that keeps the “magic” of his own personality, reflecting his honesty, and almost superhuman effort required to learn Karatedo in those days.

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