Tegumi – Okinawan Grappling and Wrestling

Don’t believe me? It’s true I tell you! The Okinawans had both grappling and wrestling. They called it tegumi, and if you do karate you do it too (whether you know it or not).

Imagine for a second a culture that, for as long as anyone can remember, has placed an emphasis on combat training. A culture that has acted as a sea-hub for various other countries that had their own ideas and concepts about fighting. A culture that was banned of its militaristic weaponry.

Now imagine that same culture saying…we will ignore your close fighting range. You go away now.

It simply wouldn’t have happened, and it didn’t happen. In fact, wrestling has been a part of Okinawan culture for much longer than what we now know as karate.

Continue reading here: http://www.ikigaiway.com/2009/tegumi-okinawan-grappling-and-wrestling/


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