Four Chokes and Cranks for Street Use

The type of chokes and cranks discussed here are designed for the street. Several of them have been banned from judo competition because they are too dangerous for sport. Since they may result in life-threatening injuries to your opponent, you must only use chokes when the situation warrants a high level of countervailing force.

Attempting a choke on the street without practice is a poor choice for combat, one that is very likely to fail. Supervised practice is essential.

You will most likely learn these techniques by practicing with a uniform gi initially. This heavy clothing not only facilitates many chokes, but also does not tear easily. Once you get good, practice with a t-shirt too. It is very important to be able to use these kinds of techniques in street clothes. Finally, practice against a shirtless opponent so that you will be prepared for every eventuality.

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One response to “Four Chokes and Cranks for Street Use

  1. Well to me Martial Arts means respect and
    discipline. I have trained in different Martial arts now for well over 20 years.
    I have seen lots of people come and go but one thing that I have noticed is clearly the respect and discipline having changed those peoples perception
    of life.
    Young children that have started which have been on
    the wrong side of the tracks, always in trouble and no idea how to respect other kids.
    Place them in a controlled environment with discipline and
    fighting and they soon start to understand.
    Martial arts is a way for teens and adults to get rid
    of their aggression without hurting or bullying anyone.

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