Be Wary of Concussions

There were only two combatants involved, but it took eight of us to break up the fight without hurting anyone, four officers, three security guards, and myself. Once we got the participants separated we began sorting out what happened.

The surly guy was cussing, spitting, and arguing vociferously, but his friend just stood there impassively. The quiet guy was huge, a good head-and-a-half taller than me, but he hadn’t been directly involved in the fight and didn’t appear to be a threat, particularly not with all the authorities around. I wasn’t paying him much mind, when I suddenly realized that his elbow was speeding toward my head. I didn’t have sufficient warning to dodge or block, but I was able to roll with his blow, spin around, and land an uppercut to his side. Just as I felt his floating ribs snap, he seemed to teleport away. Two officers grabbed him from behind and dragged him onto the ground.

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