FSRI Video: Throws, Pins & Escapes

The Fight Sciences Research Institute is a collective of experienced martial artists who are interested in adapting practical fighting and self protection skills to the types of violence that an individual may experience. FSRI classes are designed to prepare each individual to best use his or her individual attributes to survive the difficult and dynamic environments of violent encounters, or avoid them entirely if possible.  Striking, grappling, mobility, escape, and affective skills are explored in relation to specific scenarios in which they may be useful. FSRI also incorporates athletic-quality conditioning to enhance students’ physical attributes, and to mitigate the potential for chronic injuries and movement dysfunctions associated with practice of fighting arts and sports.

The Virginia FSRI group has been learning this throw (basic hip spiral/o-goshi) and reviewing falling skills for the last few weeks. The clip shows some different semi-open randori exchanges designed to integrate it with related pin/escape skills.  Continual role switching makes it a bit more challenging and dynamic, but within an environment that’s still conducive to some experimentation (from the 4/7 VA class).


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