The 20 Precepts of Gichin Funakoshi (podcast)

Iain Abernethy’s August Podcast: The 20 Precepts of Gichin Funakoshi (podcast)

Can be listened/downloaded from the above website or downloaded from itunes

Welcome to the latest podcast! It’s been a little while since the last one due to the many demands upon my time, so I hope you feel this one is worth the wait!

In the first part of the podcast I quickly tell you what I’ve been up to since we last spoke and give a short update on the World Combat Association. We then get into the main theme for this month which is the twenty precepts of Gichin Funakoshi and some of my thoughts about them. The twenty precepts are interesting and wide ranging and they give me an opportunity to talk about martial ethics, pre-emption, the importance of the correct martial mindset, the impact of the martial arts on life outside the dojo, the need for regular training, principles over techniques, the importance of avoiding conflict, awareness vs. paranoia, the purpose of stances, the application of kata in actual conflict, the difference between “practicing” and “doing”, the importance of mindful training, and more! The podcast is not indented to be a definitive guide to the precepts, but instead some of my thoughts on the precepts and the issues they raises.

Regular listeners will remember we had a competition in the last podcast related to my Cumbrian accent and the local dialect. At the end of the podcast and I give you the answers and, with the help of my three children, announce the winners. It was fun to record that bit and I hope you enjoy it!

Thanks to you all for your support of the podcasts and for spreading the word about them! I hope you enjoy this latest offering and I’ll be back with more soon!

All the best,


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