Traditional Martial Arts – by Dave Turton

FunakoshiNow let me start by saying this article is to promote debate and thought, not to make any claims or dogma.

However it is really quite an interesting thought, that our perceptions of the word ‘traditional’ in the martial arts world is perhaps accepted almost glibly without any real thought about it.

When does any martial art actually qualify for the tag ‘traditional’, a lifetime, a decade a millennium?

It may come as a surprise to many that actually English Ju-Jutsu is FORTY (40) years older than Japanese Karate. After all, Ju-Jutsu landed on our shores in the mid 1880’s and Karate was unheard of in Japan until the mid 1920’s.

Also, although Kunakoshi Gichin DID introduce Karate to Japan, and termed what he did “Shoto-Kan”, his Shotokan bears little resemblance to today’s Shotokan.

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