Bassai Dai – History, Kata and Bunkai

Mabuni Bassai Dai kata 1st moveBassai Dai article 

The Bassai family of kata are known as Passai (Patsai) in Okinawan and Bassai in Japanese. Although like most karate kata, its origins may be traceable back to China, the most related source to today’s kata versions appears to be derived from Matsumura Sokon who lived in Okinawa from either the late 1700s, or early 1800s, until the late 1800s (actual source dates vary due to the era and its records). All-in-all, the Passai lineage has a very convoluted history, fom its potential origins in China through to it’s many derivatives in Okinawa (Sells, Unante; ISBN 0910704961). 

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