Understanding Learning Style Differences

articles-20130624-martial-arts-instructionsI realized fairly early in life that different people learn and process information in different ways. When teaching and learning styles misalign, students progress slowly, if at all. As a child, I had the opportunity to take judo instruction from a former national champion who was the highest-ranking black belt in the United States at that time. No one could argue that he did not know his art, for truly he had mastered it. Yet in seven years of practice (four years with a three-year break followed by another three years) I truly learned very little, placing no higher than second in a variety of tournament competitions and progressing only to green belt (twice).

In retrospect my natural learning preferences did not properly align with this instructor’s teaching style. Similar to the quote about Miyagi Sensei, my instructor preferred a traditional modeling approach for instruction with virtually no explanation or discussion.

Continue reading here: http://ymaa.com/articles/2013/06/understanding-learning-style-differences


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