C.Goodin and P.Nakata on the History of Karate

The following videos were recorded as part of a presentation by the Center for Okinawan Studies on ‘How is Okinawan culture spread through Karate?’

Learn about the origins of Karate (Tudi, “Tang or China” Hand) among members of the highest levels of Ryukyuan society. Karate was part of the upbringing of selected sons of noble and samurai families who were trained to become bushi, cultured gentlemen. Based largely on Chinese martial arts and values, Karate was usually taught secretly or in private. After the Ryukyu Kingdom was abolished and Okinawa became a prefecture (1879), Karate became a part of the public school curriculum. Taught publicly and to a large number of students for the first time, Karate had to adapt to Japanese values and objectives.

Karate came to Hawaii with the very first Okinawan immigrants starting in 1900. Through Karate training, students are provided an opportunity to learn about Okinawan history and culture.






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